Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) 

Occupational therapists in BLSD come from Southern Health.  They work with the school team to help students learn to do things in their day to day life. 

ccupational therapists work with the school team to help students… 

  • bgiving tools that help students move around and be part of the class 

  • have their body and mind ready for learning, playing, working and making friends 

  • learn how to hold a pencil and write letters 

  • learn how to make their body move the way they want it to 

  • make a plan and follow it 

  • learn skills to play, learn, take care of themselves and get along with others 

  • learn self-care skills (i.e., using buttons and zippers to get dressed, eating on their own, making a simple snack)