Section 5.A Safe Schools

Section 5.A.10 ---------- Child Abuse Reporting


Section 5.A.20 ---------- Administering Medication to Students


Section 5.A.30 ---------- Appropriate Education


Section 5.A.40 ---------- Critical and Emergency Situations


Section 5.A.50 ---------- Accidents to Students and Staff


Section 5.A.60 ---------- Fire Drills


Section 5.A.70 ---------- Blood Borne Infections


Section 5.A.80 ---------- Registration for Students Placed by Social Services or Probation


Section 5.A.90 ---------- Surveillance in Schools


Section 5.A.100 --------- Criminal Record and Child Abuse Checks


Section 5.A.110 --------- Workplace Safety – Harassment Prevention


Section 5.A.120 --------- Respect for Human Diversity: Gender Identity and Expression