Section 2.A Human Resources

Section 2.A.10 ---------- Teacher Evaluation


Section 2.A.20 ---------- Administrator Evaluation


Section 2.A.25 ---------- Guidance Counsellor Evaluation


Section 2.A.30 ---------- Support Staff Evaluation


Section 2.A.31 ---------- Clinician Evaluation and Professional Growth Planning


Section 2.A.40 ---------- Evaluation of Assistant Superintendent & Secretary Treasurer


Section 2.A.50 ---------- Staff Recognition and Long Service Awards


Section 2.A.60 ---------- Conflict of Interest


Section 2.A.70 ---------- Staff Participation in Community Activities


Section 2.A.80 ---------- Staff Dress Code


Section 2.A.90 ---------- Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Use


Section 2.A.100 --------- Professional Staff Progressive Discipline


Section 2.A.110 --------- Religious Leave for Professional Staff


Section 2.A.120 --------- Partial Leave for Professional Staff


Section 2.A.130 --------- Response to Significant Life and School Events


Section 2.A.140 --------- Recruitment of Staff


Section 2.A.150 --------- Recruitment of Support Staff


Section 2.A.160 --------- Recruitment of School Administration


Section 2.A.170 --------- Compensation for Teachers Covering Classes