Section 1.A School Administration

Section 1.A.10  ----------   Code of Conduct


Section 1.A.20  ----------   Work Place Health and Safety


Section 1.A.30  ----------   Nutrition


Section 1.A.40  ----------   Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials


Section 1.A.50  ----------   Printing and Copyright


Section 1.A.60  ----------   Homebound and Home Schooling


Section 1.A.70  ----------   Selection of Learning and Library Materials


Section 1.A.80  ----------   School Newsletters/Media


Section 1.A.100 ---------   Visitors to the School


Section 1.A.110 ---------   Dress Code


Section 1.A.120 ---------   After School Dances


Section 1.A.130 ---------   Academic Freedom


Section 1.A.140 ---------   School Catchment Area/Choice of Schools


Section 1.A.150 ---------   Student Attendance and Accounting


Section 1.A.160 ---------   Professional Development


Section 1.A.170 ---------   Graduation


Section 1.A.180 ---------   Search, Seizure and Interrogation


Section 1.A.190 ---------   Student Teaching


Section 1.A.200 ---------   Admission of Exchange or Foreign Students


Section 1.A.210 ---------   Assessment and Communicating Student Learning


Section 1.A.220 ---------   Access to Pupil Information for Pupils 18 Years and Over


Section 1.A.230 ---------   Temporary Guardianship


Section 1.A.240 ---------   Technology Acceptable Use: Staff and Students

Section 1.A.250 ---------   Policy and Procedure Development Sharing

Section 1.A.260 ---------   Violence in the Workplace

Section 1.A.270 ---------   Independent Study/Distance Education

Section 1.A.280 ---------   Employee Cell Phones

Section 1.A.290 ---------   Summer Institute