Section 4.A Business Administration

Section 4.A.10 ---------- Purchasing


Section 4.A.20 ---------- Charitable Donations


Section 4.A.30 ---------- Expense Reimbursements


Section 4.A.40 ---------- Advisory Councils


Section 4.A.50 ---------- School and Student Council Funds


Section 4.A.60 ---------- Record Management


Section 4.A.70 ---------- Student File Management


Section 4.A.80 ---------- Management of Personnel Files


Section 4.A.90 ---------- Honorariums


Section 4.A.100 --------- Petty Cash Funds


Section 4.A.110 --------- Disposal of Surplus or Obsolete Equipment


Section 4.A.120 --------- Budget


Section 4.A.130 --------- Company Sponsored Purchase