Section 7.A Transportation

Section 7.A.10 ---------- Student Transportation Services and Management


Section 7.A.20 ---------- Severe Weather


Section 7.A.30 ---------- Student Conduct on Buses


Section 7.A.40 ---------- Extracurricular Travel during School Closure Days


Section 7.A.50 ---------- Student Transportation in Private Vehicles


Section 7.A.60 ---------- Carry on Items on School Buses


Section 7.A.70 ---------- Student Travel


Section 7.A.80 ---------- School Bus Safety Program


Section 7.A.90 ---------- Bus Driver Requirements and Expectations


Section 7.A.100 -------- Special use of School Busses


Section 7.A.110 -------- Accidents involving School Buses


Section 7.A.120 -------- Disposal of Used Buses


Section 7.A.130 -------- Transportation Liability Insurance


Section 7.A.140 -------- School Bus Maintenance