Role of the Board

Policy 7 – Role of the Board

Date Adopted:  June 23, 2010
Reviewed: December 9, 2020

The Board is entrusted to ensure that the values, aspirations and economic resource capacities of the jurisdiction are reflected within the actions of the Division.

Areas of Responsibility of the Board:

7.1 Community Leadership

a.  The Board strives to be visible within the community.

b.  The Board makes decisions that reflect the values and anticipated educational needs of the communities of Border Land School Division.

c.  Board members show their support of school and divisional activities through physical attendance at school concerts, championships, and other events.


7.2   Accountability to the Provincial Government

a.  The Board is responsible for adherence to governing legislation and regulation throughout Border Land School Division.

7.3   Accountability to the Community

a.  The Board makes decisions that respect community values and are rooted in sound educational research.

b.  The Board reports Division results to the community, as mandated by the provincial government.

c.  The Board develops appeal policies regarding decisions of the Administration.

d.  Board members are active within the Border Land communities, building support for public education.

e.  The Board approves the annual school calendar and length of the school day.

f.   The Board grants final approval of newly constructed school and other Division-owned buildings.

g.  The Board retains insurance to protect the public assets of the Division.


7.4   Divisional Strategic Plan

a. The Board provides overall direction for the Division's strategic plan through the identification of Board priorities.

7.5   Policy

a.  All policy is written.

b.  Governance policy statements define Board expectations.

c. The Board monitors divisional progress toward the achievement of student outcomes and other stated desired results through the regular assessment of policy compliance.

The Board monitors Superintendent/CEO performance.

The Board develops policy outlining the process for the hiring/promotion of all senior officers and employees holding administrative or supervisory positions in accordance with the Public Schools Act Section 52(1)(a) in consultation with the Superintendent/CEO.

f.   The Board regularly reviews and amends policy.

7.6  Board Development

a. All Trustees engage in the pursuit of Board excellence through Board development and Trustee development training and education.

b.  The Board regularly evaluates board effectiveness through monitoring of policy and the Board's self-evaluation process.


7.7  Fiscal Responsibility

a. The Board approves the Divisional budget annually and establishes the amount of the local property tax levy.

b.  The Board appoints the auditor for Border Land School Division.

c. The Board receives the audit report and ensures that quality indicators are met.

d. The Board negotiates, ratifies, and ensures the administration of collective agreements with employee groups.

e.The Board approves the Division's annual 5-year capital plan for submission to the province's Public Schools Finance Board.

Border Land School Division

Border Land School Division acknowledges that the communities and schools located within Border Land School Division sit on Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 land, the original lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Border Land School Division respects the treaties that were made on these treaty areas and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with our Indigenous communities in a spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.