Decision Making

Policy 13 - Decision-Making Matrix
Date Adopted: June 23, 2010
Reviewed: February 10, 2021

 Superintendent has complete authority to act Superintendent has authority but must inform Board  Board decision - Superintendent may recommend   Superintendent must get prior Board approval  

Evaluate staff

Evaluate programs

Administrator collective agreements

Professional development

Implementation of Board Policy

Earned staff leaves

Unpaid staff leaves up to 5 days

Evaluate principals

Staff hiring (non-administrative)

Student suspensions

Grant applications

Crisis situation
Example: Lock down
(Immediate notification email)

Corporate sponsorship

Emergency school closures

Student overnight travel

Superintendent PD
(Out of province)

Administrative procedures

Policy development and approval

Employee termination

Student expulsion

Employee compensation and benefits

Approval of budget

Setting staffing levels

Special levies


New programming

Staff extended leaves (Beyond 5 unpaid days)

Over expenditure of budget

Student and staff out of province extra curricular travel

School calendar

Hiring additional staff outside formula

Hiring and assignment of Principals and /or Senior Administration

Change the administrative organizational chart

Approve tendered contracts or contractors