Policy 20 – Assets

Date Adopted:  June 23, 2010
Date Revised: May 15, 2019
Date Reviewed: April 7, 2021


The Border Land School Division shall not be operated in ways which fail to protect and maintain its assets, or which unnecessarily risk its assets.

Consequently, the Superintendent/CEO shall:

20.1     Adhere to provincial requirements

20.2    Protect against theft, casualty and liability losses to the Board, staff, or school division itself through proper insurance

20.3     Not allow uninsured personnel access to material amounts of funds

20.4     Not expose the school division, the Board or its staff to claims of liability

20.5     Maintain a safe and efficient transportation system

20.6    Not acquire, encumber, or dispose of school division real property (land and any permanent fixtures on it) without the prior approval of the Board.

 20.7   Maintain adequate security of all assets.